Sunday, August 18, 2013

June, 18th, 2013

I guess we're already 3 weeks in... Sick!

This past week has been a lot better. We picked up 2 people who now have a baptismal date, and have been trying to re-commit the people who have been slipping through the cracks. We've been doing a TON of splits.. And they've been working amazingly. Especially when we've been going out on visits with the ward mission leaders. The other night Elder LaFond went out with a ward mission leader in a ward that we haven't worked a ton because we've been focusing on all the other wards and didn't think this one had a ton of potential. They went to visit a new move-in family from Pennsylvania who are actually all non-members (mom, dad, 2 kids) and they had told their neighbor they wanted the missionaries! And we have a lesson with them set up for tomorrow! We've just been getting a LOT of referrals lately, and have been setting up a lot of first lessons with new investigators.. As well as teaching the progressing people that we have. It's been a huge upturn from the week before, and I think it's inspiring all the ward mission leaders to see that there actually IS work within their wards.. People who they just haven't tried in a while. And actually, I didn't even get to go out on splits with the mission president because Elder LaFond and I both felt that it would be a better humbling experience for Elder J. So that night President showed up, grabbed Elder J's shoulder, and said "Hey what do you say me and you hit up all those referrals you've gotten lately?" And I'm pretty sure it scared him to death. That's the one thing we're trying to help him with is his pride. He feels like he's an amazing missionary and he kinda bosses us around and tries to make demands, but in teaching and contacting situations he shuts up. I think he got pretty scared though... Hopefully it helped him to see he's still in a position where he can learn and grow.

In other great news, a less-active family who we've been teaching for a while finally came to church! They've told us they were going to come for the last month, and they haven't kept their promise.. Last week instead of focusing on teaching their 8-year-old daughter who they're convinced they're just going to baptize and be done with it, we taught the parents the importance of being strong in the Gospel as a family. And we challenged them to take the commitment of going to church and having their daughter baptized more seriously. We challenged them to go to the temple, and they definitely hesitated.. Which sucks. But they came! All of them but their two oldest daughters came, and they have 7 kids.. But it was super cool to see them there. They actually sat right in front of another family who showed up for church that day who has been promising us they'd go to church for the last 2 months. It was a great Sunday! Mostly.. Some of the other people that we were realllly hoping would go bailed on us.. But we can count our blessings while we have them.

The splits and exchanges with missionaries aren't going to stop anytime soon. Tomorrow we're sending Elder J. to Tremonton for the day to go on splits with another trio there, and one of the assistants to the president is coming to spend the day in our area tomorrow in his place. Last Saturday we went on splits with the whole zone to try and boost the efforts in all the areas. Not to mention we still have ward mission leader and priest splits at night.. AND the traveling APs are coming to our zone for the week and will be spending a day with us.. And we haven't even squeezed in the two exchanges we have to do with the district leaders yet. This is turning out to be a super busy transfer. On Thursday we are having a mission conference with Elder Tad R. Callister of the presidency of the 70 and a day of service because the mission is going to be split in a week and a half. I'm surprised we've been able to keep everything organized within our own area with all the stuff we've been trying to pull off at once. I don't think I've ever had to focus this much or try and juggle so many things at a time. I guess it just goes to show that when you give everything to the Lord, he makes up the difference and blesses us with success. I sure hope so.. Because the next 3 weeks are looking to be just as crazy as the last 3. 
Mom - Thanks for keeping the blog edited. I just don't want people within the mission to be checking it out and getting offended by stuff I say.. This is supposed to be a journal, after all. I'm going to mention the ecclesiastical interview today in my e-mail to him since I spaced it last week. . I haven't seen The Other Side of Heaven, actually. Does Ryan REALLY want to design prosthetic limbs? Or is he just being weird? Hahaha. I had forgotten Evan was taking a break from band.. I can't believe he's so committed to this lawn mowing thing. I've actually been surprised at how well I've been able to play the piano lately. I've gotten to the point where most songs don't psych me out for too long if someone asks me to try and play something by ear. Hymns are a piece of cake, but I try not to play at baptisms because then I get stuck behind the piano the whole time. We've gotten several 19 year old sisters (high maintenance) and 18 year old elders, but I haven't served with any of them yet. Some Concerta soon would probably be nice.

Dad - Happy Father's Day! I've never been good at being mushy or anything, so I'm not even going to try. But I do hope you had a great father's day, and I'm glad you've continued to faithfully write me every single week. It's been awesome. :) Sorry I don't get to report on going on splits with the mission president.. I'll probably get at least another shot to do it before I go home. On the bright side, while Elder J. was flopping contacts with the mission president, Elder LaFond and I taught 3 lessons and picked up a baptismal date. So it worked out. I think with all the busy stuff that's been going on I'm learning to prioritize and feel at least a little bit like what you must feel like juggling family, work, and two callings. Keep it up! And I didn't mean that we're doing allllll dead-end work.. We're just teaching a few people who are progressing extremely slowly and its frustrating sometimes. I know we're furthering the work in one way or another.

I love you guys! Thanks again for all the help and support. Peace out!


- Elder Tyler Grant

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