Sunday, August 18, 2013

July 2nd, 2013

Hey again!
Sorry if last weeks letter was brief-er than normal. I looked through it and I was surprised at how much I threw together in the 25 minutes we were at the computers. Go, mighty brain, go! It was awesome to visit Star Valley.. And it was kind of a long and exhausting P-Day all in all. Especially because we only took one car up and the other two wanted to go visit people in the other Star Valley area than I served in.. So I was left to hitchhike and walk around Afton all day with Elder Harper, the missionary who replaced me in Star Valley a year ago when I left. I wasn't able to visit absolutely everyone we intended to see, but we did get to see the Metcalfs - the non-member family of 5 who Elder Billmire and I began teaching who got baptized a few months after I left. We also got to visit and see the other two kids (the Verley's) who we baptized back in May. It was so surreal to be back! But it's officially out of the mission now. As of yesterday the mission no longer covers Star Valley, Soda Springs, or Montpelier.  Happy Canada Day!
This has just been one of the busiest transfers EVER with all the meetings that we've had. Two mission conferences, two mission leadership councils, several zone studies and district meetings, AP exchanges AND President exchanges, as well as planning and organizing all of the trainings we've given this transfer. We had another missionary musical fireside on Sunday and it was a really good one. Not sure if they recorded this one. They had a lot more focus on inviting the Spirit through the music and only had 6 testimonies instead of the usual 15. So it was a lot more channeled and focused on simple, powerful declarations of truth. Unfortunately none of the investigators that we invited came! A couple of our Ward Mission Leaders came and loved it, but we didn't get any of the non members and less actives that we're working with out this time around.. Blast. We've had a slower week for lessons and things, most of the regular appointments we have with our "usual suspects" kinda fell through for one reason or another. I'm pretty sure I know who I'm going to be getting as a companion next transfer.. Weird, right? But if it is who I think it is, it's going to be a good one. Even though I'll be pretty sad when Elder LaFond leaves. He's been pretty awesome to have as a companion, I daresay my favorite so far. I still love this area, and while we haven't seen any immediate revelations from the broadcast last week, people all around us are still asking us how they can help out with the missionary work in the area. Next transfer we'll be able to place a greater focus on the area and the people we've picked up to teach, so if all goes according to plan, and of course God-willing, we'll be able to have a few more baptisms next transfer. Pray for miracles!
Mom - Can you believe there wasn't anywhere around here to buy a Canadian flag? We went to go buy one and they were just setting up the 4th of July display. Wrong country! I also can't believe I'm nearing the 20 month mark. I got my ecclesiastical endorsement done from President Hiers, so it's time to submit the BYU application! I've reviewed everything, so if there's nothing else you need from me you can go ahead and send it in. I wish I could've visited the cat killer while I was in Star Valley. He got off work like 20 minutes after we left.. And so did the other kid that we baptized. Oh! Speaking of him, he's working in Alpine Wyoming this summer, doing one more semester of college, and then putting in his mission papers! That's gonna be so sweet. . I didn't march in the 4th of July parade last year, but the 24th of July. Which is Pioneer day, and that's bigger than the 4th around here. I don't know what our plans are still - we might have to be in some sort of meeting.

Dad - That.. Sounds like quite an ordeal of a trek! We went on a mini trek in Nauvoo which was about as treacherous and muddy as I could have imagined, but the distance was only like 3 miles. If that. The whole bit about babies dying and people leaving others alone to walk sounds rather intense. Did Ryan go on the trek or not? I printed off that talk just now and I'll be reading it probably in personal study tomorrow. Ever since that "saved by grace" concert Elder Cox and I got conned into last year I'll admit I've been slightly curious as to what we truly believe. It's a difficult concept to grasp, nonetheless! If you want to hear Elder Callister's atonement remarks, I'm 99% sure he was just quoting his book (The Infinite Atonement) the entire time. And as I'll just massacre it when I tell you, maybe hearing it straight from him would help more. :) Tell Ryan to stop being a noob!
I love you guys! I'll let you know on transfers next week.
- Elder Tyler Grant

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