Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 7th, 2013

Well then... Where can I begin?

So.. As the the BYU thing, I honestly just haven't made time for it. We've been having the craziest weeks of my mission and P-Day has kind of been a time to do some catching up. Home life has been the last thing on my mind. Sorry. :/ President Hiers will give permission for us to do school applications on P-Day so that's not the problem. I'll.. I'll repent and get after it. Probably after I talk to you on Sunday. I can't believe that's in like 5 days. Didn't I just call at Christmas? I'd love to do the whole "google hangout" thing again and I'm pretty sure I still have the info. I don't have a definite time but I'll call sometime on Sunday to give you a time. For sure!

This week has just been awesome. The work here is picking up every single day. We have 3 baptisms coming up this Saturday. Mercedie & Danailie and then Joe! I sent you a picture of Joe's wedding - that's what I call acting in faith! He was living with his girlfriend but they just got married last Saturday so that he can be baptized this Saturday. We picked up 2 new investigators with baptismal dates in the last two days, and have 4 or 5 more 'golden' referrals to follow up on, not even counting the progressing investigators we already have. We had a meeting with the stake president on Sunday to talk about all the ward mission leaders and the work in the stake, and he is definitely the best stake president I've had the privilege to serve under. He is SO on top of everything that is going on within the stake and is always actively taking measures to ensure that the missionary work is always moving forward. For example, we had told him that one of the ward mission leaders wasn't really fulfilling his calling and he had been in for a while, and he told us he would talk to the bishop about getting a new WML instead. When we talked to him on Sunday he hadn't been released yet, and President Ferry said "Well then! I'll have to take it into my own hands. I'll give him a stake calling so that the bishop HAS to find a replacement. We need strong ward mission leaders around here." Whoa! There is more going on it seems like every single day. Elder LaFond and I are teaching really well together and are super excited for all the success that's coming from the diligence that the leaders, members, and the Lord have done for us. At this point we are just instruments in his hands, and I feel like we're doing amazing things. No thanks to us, of course! It's an indescribable feeling.

To top off all of that excitement and success, the zone has done a complete 180 in terms of success and work ethic. The first week we were here there were 5 member present lessons taught between the 7 companionships. And last week, there were 41. We broke the zone record! We're doing our best to lead by example and truly show everyone the importance of fulfilling their purpose, and it's working. 8 times the amount of lessons within 2 weeks! It's truly a miracle. I love being a zone leader and I love it so much here in Brigham City. I feel so blessed and literally owe all the happiness that I feel right now to my Heavenly Father. I've never felt like this before. For once, everything is just clicking, clicking, and clicking right into place. We're having 4 baptisms in the next two weeks, and looking to have several more in June. And we're just getting started! I just pray that I can continue to be humble and live worthily of the many blessings that we've been receiving. We're doing our best to acknowledge the Lord's hand in all of it - because we're certainly not alone. :)

Mom - Seminary graduation AND real graduation. Busy busy busy week! Thanks for getting those yearbooks - I always wondered whatever happened to the 2010 yearbook we were promised! I've been getting e-mails from just about everyone that you've given me addresses for. On and off, that is. I'm so so SO excited for Matt. He seems really pumped to go on a mission. If you can get him to sneak in a LITTLE time on the Mother's day call so I can see him before he takes off and I don't see him for 4 years.. That would be sweet. :) If not, it's about MOM anyways! I didn't even know that our stake had any YSA. Definitely not any cute ones anyways... Elder C is still kind of struggling. We had a zone shirt/pants burning last week and there was kind of a blow up, and we had to talk to him about it. I think he's getting humbled more and more. Maybe.

Dad - I'm not the stressing type either. Okay. I'm literally like out of time for e-mailing. People are pushing me. Tell Ryan I love him and look forward to talking to him on Sunday. And yes, HuHot the day I get back would be perfect.

I love you guys so much! If you've been praying for miracles here, it's definitely working, so don't give up now! I'm so glad that I'm here on a mission.. I wouldn't trade it for anything. :)


- Elder Tyler Grant

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