Saturday, May 11, 2013

April 2nd, 2013

Hmm... Well then!

This week has gone by ridiculously fast. It kinda blows me away that
today is P-Day already. We went to the temple as a zone this morning
(picture included) and every companionship but one decided to come. It
was the first time I've actually gone and done a session in the
Brigham City temple - the only other time that I've been inside was at
the temple open house. It was pretty cool, much smaller than the Logan
temple. Actually it was pretty reminiscent of Winter Quarters. I
really like our zone. For once it actually seems like we're all
working side by side in our respective areas instead of just being
separate entities all the time. Everyone has everyone else's back - if
someone needs a split in their area and they can't find anybody then
the other Elders are always right there to jump in and volunteer. It's
just nice, is all.

PLUS our Zone Leaders are awesome! I got to spend a day with Elder
LaFond last week on exchanges in Brigham City and realized just how
much I miss having a normal companion haha. To be able to turn to
someone in a lesson and know that they're going to pick up right where
you left off and keep the lesson moving forward is a welcome change.
That just doesn't happen a ton when you're training. And Elder LaFond
and I were able to reminisce on the MTC days. We got a letter from one
of the other Elders in the MTC with us who went to the Ohio Cleveland
mission. It was neat to hear how well they're doing - most of them are
zone leaders and a couple of them went home early. How have I already
been out for such a long time? I also got a letter from Andrew Olson
today (well.. an e-mail) saying that they're having problems getting
new missionaries from the MTC. He says it's messing with their
transfers because they keep planning on having 20+ missionaries come
into the mission and they're only getting about half of them. A lot of
missionaries aren't making it through the MTC because they're not
ready. So I'm very interested to hear what they talk about at General
Conference about the response in age change. There's no doubt in my
mind that the Lord knew what he was doing when the change was made.
There's just obviously some rough patches that will go away with time.
Like you said though, dad... I'm having enough fun with a 21 year old.
I don't know if I'm ever going to train again.. But someone a little
more impressionable and teachable would be a great change of pace.
Things are still getting better with Elder C. Slowly but surely.
I have almost no problems with him - like I said, it's when other
missionaries get around that problems seem to arise. I'm just numb to
belligerence and pride at this point. Elder LaFond told me he's
pushing for me to serve with him as a Zone Leader next transfer; which
would be a startling thought. To add to that fire I taught one of the
best district meetings I've had thus far last Wednesday, and one of
the Assistants to the President was there. THAT was a high pressure
situation.. Probably a little bit like giving a talk in front of the
prophet. But it went really well.

Honestly, I don't know if I'm going to be staying in Garland next
transfer. I'll be okay with it if I do and will be just as okay with
it if I am assigned elsewhere. I just do what I'm told to do. :) The
work is really picking up. Yesterday we had 3 lessons in a row cancel
(some April Fool's joke, huh?) and we were kinda down.. But in the
time when we could have been moping and making excuses we contacted a
few of our potential investigators and tracted for a while, and ended
up teaching a walk in lesson with a part member family and set up 5
lessons for the next 3 days. "Ye shall receive no witness until AFTER
the trial of your faith." Miracles don't produce faith; miracles
CONFIRM faith and willingness to follow God's plan and promptings. All
of those lessons are with non-members, with a potential to pick up a
total of 8 baptismal dates. I don't know if we had any specific
miracles that we noticed as a result of that 3rd fast we had... But
one of the people me and Elder Bengtson started teaching in Richmond
got baptized! Let me paste in what it said in the newsletter about
it... We started teaching a man named Sherm Roper who had just been
diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer that had just metastasized to
his bones. His wife was an active member and he just had a few holdups
that were keeping him from being baptized... Here's what was written
about the experience:

"On the day of our Fast last week Sherm Roper of Richmond, UT decided
he had better get baptized right away. His cancer had just caused him
to become paralyzed and he didn't know how much longer he would live.
Elders Hayes and Franchina helped the bishop make all the
arrangements. It took 6 men in the baptismal font to help Sherm be
baptized last Saturday."

I really wish I had pictures to show you. Maybe I'll have to ask
around and try and get some rounded up. So miracles are still
happening and we're still working at rounding up all the former and
potential investigators in the area. Things are definitely picking up
and will continue to (I hope) even if I get transferred out. So, I
guess the same pattern as all of my last areas. Come in. Build up the
area. Find lots of people to teach. Get transferred out. I guess I
can't say I know how the story ends yet, but I wouldn't be the least
bit surprised if they kicked me out and made me do it all over again
in another area. Welcome to my life! :)

Oh yeah by the way - Wyatt Hickerson definitely got baptized on
Saturday. I really don't know what his parents' deal is! His dad gave
the talk and talked about baptism and the holy ghost and his mom gave
the closing prayer. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH PEOPLE LIKE THAT!! We're
trying to work with them still. Oh - and the people that were going to
get married and never did? Yeah we drove by their house on Sunday and
there was a police car there. The lady we're teaching wants to get
baptized really badly and her boyfriend and her are having a bit of a
feud. And she wants to break it off and kick him out of her house so
she can get baptized. But he co-signed on the lease so he won't leave.
So she decided it would be a great idea to take ALL of his things and
move them into the front lawn in an attempt to get him to leave.
Admirable, but the police were called... Gahh. Pray for them!

Mom - My easter package arrived, but I have to go pay for it... And
the post office is closed. Fun fact - the postal service just changed
the way that they mail things and now you HAVE to send it priority or
I'm going to have to pay for it every time. Which kinda sucks.
Actually it really sucks. So now you know! I guess I haven't quite run
out of steam on things to talk about yet. I must be a motor mouth. I
wonder when Tayler is going to get baptized? When he turns 18 maybe?
You can start looking at BYU stuff - just don't let me know. :) Haha.

Dad - Don't get sick! I hate being sick. As a missionary especially.
Because you pretty much just have to tough it out. So Storm Lake is
going back to having 2 sets, huh? I guess that makes sense. Our
mission is dividing areas like crazy because there's not going to be
enough room for all the incoming Elders and Sisters. Cherokee might
have a set? That.. Would be the day! :) Did you ever have any
companions that you really struggled with? What was your response in
dealing with them? I feel like I've had more than my fair share of dud
companions haha. Maybe it's preparing me for like, a horrible boss or
an unruly teenager in the future. Press the patience button! I only
remember you losing your temper when I intentionally provoked it. So
my bad on that one. And you haven't given up on that corvette yet? I'm
sure it's gone up a lot in price. That's what I've been told anyway.
I've seen a few driving around, but not a lot!

Anyways. I love you all. Sorry for the late-in-the-day letter again.
We had a day of zone sports, birthday parties, and temple trip today
so we're rounding off the day with e-mails. Keep praying for me, if
you have the time! :) I have a feeling that good things are up ahead.
Just gotta keep my head down and my faith up!


- Elder Tyler Grant

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