Friday, August 24, 2012

Transferred North!

So my streak of staying in areas for only 3 months and then getting kicked out is continuing... I'm being booted out! Back to the north!
 I'm being transferred to the Richmond area; which I know very little about. I just know that it's a small town up very close to the Idaho border (it was in my zone when I was in Star Valley) and from what I've been told, the missionary work has been booming there. My new companion is named Elder Cox and he just finished his first transfer. Which brings in another scary thought - I'm not a junior companion anymore! That part makes me a bit nervous.. But Heavenly father doesn't call people who are prepared - he prepares those who he calls. And I know that all my experiences in Mount Lewis have certainly prepared me to this point. Throughout my 12 weeks I've been here I've been able to see the area blossom from having exactly 1 investigator to having 2 baptisms and a new teaching pool of nearly 20 people with countless others we're in contact with. I really do hate to leave the area right as it's doing well.. That seems to happen to me a lot. But I'm looking forward to serving in Richmond and pray that I can be both effective and confident as a new senior companion.

This past week has been... Up and down.

Luckily, on Thursday we had interviews with our mission president, and I was able to share some of my concerns with him. He told me to do the best that I could do; but to also turn to Heavenly Father for guidance and help. I told him that I would - and things have been slowly turning upwards. I've tried to listen more  and it's almost helped.

Jelena's baptism was on Saturday. Her whole family was in attendance and so was an entire non-member family that they invited to the occasion. She was basically running around the whole time with a stuffed animal that she called her "baptism bunny" ... But the Spirit was there nonetheless. For the closing song we sang "Do as I'm Doing" ... Which was ironically appropriate, don't you think? :)

Mom - YES I got my birthday box like a month ago. I swear I told you last week but I guess I forgot. Thank you for that :) I can't believe I turn 20 on Saturday! I'm a little freaked out! I sent a box full of things home today - it should be there by like Monday. Tell the cousins I say hi!! I'm glad to hear Ryan went to church. Has it been a while since he has? I was also a little stunned to hear you finally accepted the fact that pushing me to do spiritual things may have turned me off a little bit. :) But it's okay. It all worked out in the end, so I guess I'm over it. I hope you don't become overwhelmed by all the 'splosions and all the mess. Keep up the faith!! Sadly, I didn't get Nanny's letter... I'm sorry! :(

Dad - Trunky. Is a horrendous word. Does it stem back to living out of your suitcase/trunk and wanting to go home? 7 babies in 24 hours... That's a little wild. Were any of them named Yak or Dung? What color is your new truck? Yellow? I love President Campbell. He's a way good leader - I'm sure the stake will benefit from his leadership. Who are the other two people you would have speak at your funeral? I'm going to have to guess Truman G. Madsen is one of them. I can't believe you used that word to describe Amaleckiah. All the missionaries around me now think that you're some roughneck biker who swears all the time. Not really. But I thought it was funny. :)

Anyhow. I'm looking forward to my new area. Keep me in your prayers, and may the Spirit be with you all! I love you guys!!

- Elder Tyler Grant

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