Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hello world

Hello world.

And everybody inside it.

This week has been frustrating. Almost ALL of our lessons cancelled. Again. It's kind of hard to not be frustrated when you have a fairly large teaching pool and for one reason or another, you can't contact or set up lessons with almost any of them. We've tried and tried and tried to get more work going in the other stake, to the extent that we've spent entire DAYS talking with members and contacting people that they said were just "maybe" ready to hear from us. And after all of our efforts, the Ward Mission Leaders and stake leaders still aren't willing to help us out by meeting with us and discussing the work. We've spent countless miles driving way out to the Ward Mission Leaders homes just to try and gain their trust and talk about the work in their area, but no matter what we've done, they can't seem to catch the vision. Since Elder Hall has been in the area (almost 4 weeks..) we haven't had our meeting where we discuss missionary work. It's supposed to be weekly. And they won't do it. I'm trying so hard to not get down on myself for it, because its the same thing as with the people we're teaching. We can teach the importance of things, show them we care, develop a relationship of trust with them, but ultimately - it's their choice whether or not they want to help us or not. We'll keep working. It's strange - normally missionaries have to pray for the people they're teaching, but here we're really working to soften the hearts of the members we're working with, because we truly can't do the work without them.

We had ANOTHER interesting experience this week. We had a baptism this Saturday, a kid named Carson who's mom is an active member and who's dad is a Jehovah's Witness. Interesting, yes? But anyway. They are THE hardest people to find at home. I don't know where they go! But they just disappear constantly. Well for the whole week before he was supposed to be baptized, we went over to his house like twice a day every day to see if we could help out with the service at all. If they wanted us to make the program, give talks, etc. But we didn't find them home till Friday evening, and they assured us that everything was fine. Well on Saturday, they showed up and lo and behold - they had no one to give talks, no songs picked out, no program printed, nothing assigned at all. The songs they picked out on the fly nobody knew the words to, so it was incredibly awkward. And Carson was so nervous that he didn't want anyone to give talks, he just wanted it to be over with. Well the baptism went fine and the Spirit was felt despite all the awkwardness.

BUT!! This story is not over!! We showed up in Sacrament meeting for church the next day for Carson's confirmation... But he never showed up. No one from his family did. They didn't call us. We went over to his house and no one was there. We haven't been able to find him... I'm so confused. So I guess keep him in your prayers. We lost an investigator..

I'm glad to hear that Ryan has been going to church! Hahaha.. I'm planning on sending you guys a Valentine's Day package/Christmas package.. since I never sent anything.. We're going up to Logan next Tuesday and I'm gonna get a few ties for the family to send home. It's not often that you can get such high quality ties for $5 each after all.. Hahaha. Congratulations on speech! That's way sweet. I miss those days..

OMG. So. I determined that the reason I'm getting fat is because I've been eating so many chips. Usually Salt & Vinegar chips. SO! I gave up chips for the rest of the transfer! AND LITERALLY! THE DAY AFTER I GIVE THEM UP - I get a box from Nanny.. with 6 bags of Ketchup Chips.. I'm so torn. Do I eat them? Do I risk becoming large?

I suppose we did have ONE thing go right for us this week!! We've been teaching this kid named Brenden. He's 11, has ADHD (isn't medicated), and all he does ALL day is play Call of Duty. Remind you of anyone? :) But anyway! We've been teaching him since I got into the area back in mid-December and he's expressed desire to be baptized the ENTIRE time, but we've never been able to get him to go to church! Well GUESS who went to church last Sunday!? It's a miracle! Yay!

Umm.. I've kind of been ignoring people's questions lately. Mom - those CDs you found are the only ones that I have. The other ones I brought up I don't own the physical CD, I was hoping you'd order them. :) Hahaha. There is NO place to get music here in Tremonton. It's kind of a drag.

I loves you all! I love being a missionary still. It's so much fun even when it's NOT fun. I guess you gotta experience it to know :)

With Love,

- Elder Tyler Grant :)

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