Tuesday, January 24, 2012

rough week! But the Church is still true!

Hello everybody!!
How on earth are you doing? I hope you have had a better week than I have! I am afraid I may not have a whole lot to report.. But! Let me give you a feel of how my week was in terms of proselyting:

MONDAY - Had district meeting, went to fix a member's computer, Elder Scoggin got sick, stayed inside the rest of the day. Found out he was getting transferred.

TUESDAY - Did our P-Day stuff (laundry, e-mail, shopping...), said bye to a few people, Elder Scoggin had to pack for like 4+ hours.

WEDNESDAY - Transfer day. Elders Scoggin and Flake drove down to the mission office and left me with a VERY VERY VERY VERY sick Elder Passey for the majority of the day. It snow stormed and our new companions got to the apartment late. Found out that the Garland Elders lost power in their apartment so they had no heat or light, they had to spend the night at our place.

THURSDAY - I was once again stuck with a bed ridden Elder Passey during the morning while the other 2 went to District Leader Training in Brigham City. They left their car keys and phone in the Zone Leaders car and before they could tell the ZLs were on the way to Ogden. They got stuck in Brigham City for an extra 5 hours. And I was stuck at home again.

FRIDAY - Went running in the morning on an upset stomach, and puked my guts out. Got home, discovered that I too had contracted the flu! Spent all day in bed, throwing up, etc.

... Does it look like there was a whole lot of time to go teach people? :( It's been rough to say the least. And we baptized a lot of our investigators last transfer so this transfer is going to be arduous and very very very heavy on finding and contacting people.

My new companion is Elder Hall from California. Not just that, but DISNEYLAND California! Hahaha. He's not nearly as laid back as Elder Scoggin, but he's very focused and very bold when he teaches, so it should be a sweet change of pace. I've learned a lot from him already and we haven't even gotten to teach a lot of people yet!

Haha! So guess what? We ate dinner with an older couple on Sunday who told us that they're going to be reporting to the Nauvoo Illinois Mission in March. Well the guy there told us that he served his mission in France ever so long ago. He served there for 2 and a half years and had ZERO baptisms. But that's not the point of the story! Guess who his mission companion was at one point? Go ahead guess!! MITT ROMNEY!! Hahaha. Like THE Mitt Romney. I don't know - I thought it was crazy.

But lets see.. I don't have a whole lot else to say as its been kind of a downer of a week. But I have not lost the faith! :)

Umm.. Questions..

Brittney - YES I received the package/thing you sent!! Those turtle things looked yucky and squished after the mail, you were right.. But they tasted fine! My Zone Leader stole most of them.. but I'm over it! I sent you a letter like the day before I got your letter, so I wasn't sure if I was supposed to send you another one.. But seeing as it's been over a month since I sent it, I may have to..!

Emily - ITS IN THE MAIL! YAY! I hate the mail. But if it shows up, I may just have to jump for joy.

Mom - Yes I ate all the ketchup chips! Also - SCOTTS GETTING MARRIED!? BOUNTIFUL IS IN MY MISSION! NO WAY!! What's her name!? Is it Ryan? Hahaha. Way to go for him! Is Ben getting nervous about leaving or is he just itching to go? I heard from Nathasia that Kepler got his mission call, so that's WAY sweet! When does Cody report? Lets see.. What do I need from home.. Can you send me a few CDs? I promise they're good ones! Just a few of them! Owl City - "Of June" is a really old but awesome album that I was looking for. Also Relient K - "Mmhmm" is a very uplifting album. And can you send me my Classic Crime - "Albatross" CD? It should be in my room somewhere... I guess I need meds? Uhh... I'm planning to start compiling a package to send home! I'll put my memory card (which I took the time to create a sheet with descriptions for EVERY picture on it!) and a few other things in there. I have WAY too many socks! Don't send socks! :) I sent Ryan a letter. I hope he gets it and it makes him smile!

I've given up on sending individual pictures through this mail system.. Which just motivates me to send the memory card. It's probably about that time.. Hahaha.

I love you all! The church is still true!

- Elder Tyler Grant

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