Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas in Utah

Well.. Considering mom is in canada, and dad didn't send his "Weekly Missive" ... I don't know what to expect from this. But I'll try. My LDSMail has been freaking out lately and acting up. Lame lame lame lame.

SO! Merry Christmas once again! My Christmas was pretty sweet, but not as relaxing as it probably should have been. We were bouncing from house to house, party to party, and never really got to just take a step back and chill out. But right after I called you, we went to dinner at this super sweet family's house. They gave Elder Scoggin and I BOTH lots of Christmas presents, and we'd never even met them before! They gave us hats, socks, ties, supplies, and chocolate. They also fed us CRAZY well. And I would have enclosed pictures, but.. I forgot my camera cord. Blast.

Uhh... What has happened since Sunday.. For one, we were supposed to have 2 baptisms this Saturday, but I'm PRETTY sure that one of them isn't going to happen. The guy we're teaching may not be as sincere as we once thought, but that's not for us to judge. We have to let him make his own decisions, and if he ends up not getting baptized, we can't do anything but re-extend the invitation. BUT! The other one has been interviewed, programs made up, and ready to go! My first baptism of my whole mission is gonna be a 9 year old  ADHD kid named Kolton. How appropriate :).

Random question - I'm wondering how long Andrew Olson spoke with his mother on Christmas day.. :) I gave you guys 49 minutes for the whole family. All signs point to him speaking for a much longer period of time. Maybe not 6 hours... but maybe!

Last night one of our lessons for some golden investigators fell through, which was kind of disappointing. But the lesson right after that one, we committed someone ELSE to baptism, so it all worked out! We now have 5 people with a date, and like 15 tentative people that we're working with. I love this so much. Sorry to hear that you only baptized 6 or 7 people your whole mission dad! I'll most likely have that by the end of January.. :) Not bragging! I promise! I'm humble as can be! And I'll be sure to tell President Moriyama thank you for the Choco Pies the next time I see him!

Well today, being P-Day, we took a trip with the White family up to Logan to go do a session at the temple. The reason it was so awesome was that right after I got done changing and was about to go get a name to do the endowments for, an elderly man walked up to me and Elder Passey and said "Hey! Are you two doing a session?" We said yes, and he asked us if we could do some of his family's names that he brought for him. So instead of doing a random persons name, we got a specific person. And I don't know why, because technically it was still a random person, but it seemed so much more meaningful when at least SOMEONE knows who the person is and has an idea what their situation was and how long they've been waiting for the work. It was awesome. :)

By the way - In Logan today we went to a store called Leven's and I bought my ties!! So if you're planning on bankrolling the occasion, please do so! :) Hahaha.. Lucky for you, Leven's sells $40 ties and I bought 13 of them!! You do the math! Actually, before you freak out about it, Leven's gives a special discount to missionaries and they give us these $40 ties for $5 each.. and for every 5 ties you get a 6th one free. So instead of spending $520 on ties plus tax, I spent a measly $50. You're welcome. :)

Uhh.. So Elder Scoggin's friend back home sent both me and him presents for Christmas. 12 of them. Each. For the 12 days of Christmas. Never have I felt so guilty to receive presents. BUT! One of them is a Rubik's cube. And even though it's a nasty holiday cube with patterns all over it and is EASILY the absolute stiffest cube I have ever dealt with, it has been providing me with plenty of enjoyment..

What else has happened lately.. Uhh.. Erm.. It's been 2 days since I talked to you.. So .. Uhh.. Gah.. I'm kind of at a loss for words. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my suit! l was tempted to buy a $20 suit at the D.I. today, but I chose not to. I can be patient! But I DID buy a super sweet GUMBY TIE!! I'm never going to be able to wear it, but it was $2 and I couldn't resist.

So I'm realizing more and more as the days go by that I'm not really sure if I've ever read the Book of Mormon cover to cover before! I finished the Alma block and Helaman and seriously? All the stuff in it just amazes me. I don't remember the stories of the Book of Mormon being so epic! I mean, Nephi is just a BEAST! That is.. Nephi son of Nephi son of Helaman son of Helaman son of Alma son of Alma. That Nephi. The one who God gives him the power to literally do anything because he knows that Nephi is faithful enough to never ask for anything contrary to God's will? The Nephi who, when he is being swarmed by people who want to kill him, is "carried away by the Spirit" and basically teleports from city to city preaching the word? The Nephi who people are ANGRY with because there was NO WAY that they couldn't believe what he was saying was true because of the power of his testimony? How amazing is that!? I had a really cool experience, actually!

Yesterday in my studies it just so happened that I stopped my study time in 3 Nephi 10. And today in the temple, in the Celestial room, I had the chance to read 3 Nephi 11. And wow. It was just amazingly powerful. Like nothing I've ever felt.

Well I've got to get going. I look forward to receiving ketchup chips! I love all of you! It was good to hear from you on Christmas. OH! RYAN!!! (Make sure this gets to Ryan..) Have you ever heard of Jon Schmidt? He's an LDS pianist and he is just amazing. 3 Songs you need to look up and learn how to play. "Love Story meets Viva la Vida" , "Waterfall" , and "All of Me." They're all just AMAZING. And you need to look them up. Its not a suggestion. It's an order. PLEASE.



- Elder Tyler Grant :)

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